The Holocaust Memorial Day

By David Zadok

This year is the 70th anniversary of Allied Forces conquering the German Nazi forces. It is in many ways the conquest of good over evil, and shouting “enough is enough.” More than six million Jews were murdered in horrible acts of the total depravity of man, in the most inhuman treatment of young, old and children based on their race and religion. And of course, Jews were not the only target, but the main ones who paid such a high price.

Seventy years after the end of the war some 190,000 Holocaust survivors still live in Israel. However, each month an average of 1,000 of them die. Many live in harsh conditions and often have to make hard choices between purchasing food and medicine. Thankfully, more and more churches, including the church I pastor, Grace & Truth, as well many other ministries in the land are now involved in reaching out to Holocaust survivors. We are trying to bring hope and acts of kindness in the last chapter of their harsh lives. And of course, that hope is in none but the Messiah, who died for our sins and paid the penalty on our behalf.

Often, the slogan that we hear during various Holocaust memorial days and in museums across the globe is: "We shall not forget, but remember." Yet sadly, we see that the world has indeed forgotten and once again, is silent. It is silent when more than two million Syrians have become refugees. It is silent when hundreds of Christians and Yazidis are being systematically murdered only because they are not of the elite religion. Hitler wanted the Aryan race alone, and ISIS want their brand of Islam religion, alone. And they are willing to publically and unashamedly kill people in an inhuman way. We have seen beheadings of Christians and others by ISIS men and children. We hear the horrible testimonies of woman and girls who have been raped and turned into sex slaves by these so called "believers in god."

I wish that the church of Christ worldwide would let its voice be heard. I wish that some of our well-known church leaders would write articles to the media, protest in the streets and write letters to their parliament representatives in whatever country they live. I wish that the church would take action to stop the innocent and inhumane murder of Christians and other religious groups.