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Place of Israel in God’s Redemptive Plan

© David Zadok CWI, HaGefen Publishing The Place of Christ Our world exists and develops because of God and his Son Jesus Christ. History, that is His story, is all about Him and his plan of salvation for mankind, his image bearers. The past, present, and future is not about Israel or the Jewish nation, […]

Churches in Israel: Proclaiming the True Messiah

Churches in Israel are growing in evangelistic confidence and doctrinal care, even as they wrestle with the cost of being identified with Gentile believers. Too often Israel takes the forefront of the news and social media because of a terrorist attack, the issue of settlements, or a related political issue. Unfortunately, these negative headlines obscure […]

A Messianic Jewish View on the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Borough Park Symposium David Zadok © 2014   Disclaimer I admit that while I am a Messianic Jew or a Jewish Christian, I don’t necessarily represent the messianic view, but a view. Secondly, being an Israeli who has spent more than seventeen years in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), both in active duty and as […]

Israel: Between Promises and Reality 4

Presented in Germany, October, 2015   Session 4: The Reality of Israel Introduction   In the last three sessions, we have seen the patterns in which God in his great wisdom deals with us. We concentrated particularly on the line of the seed of woman through Israel and the promises God made and the covenants […]

Israel: Between Promises and Reality 3

Presented in Germany, October, 2015   Session 3: The Pattern of God in the New Testament Introduction So far we have surveyed the pattern of God dealing with Israel in general terms from the Old Testament. Now, we want to look at that pattern from the New Testament perspective. When we come to the New […]

Israel: Between Promises and Reality 2

Presented in Germany, October, 2015   Session 2: The Pattern of God in Old Testament Introduction The long history of Israel from Abraham to the last prophet of the Old Testament, namely Malachi, is a long history that expands over centuries. That long history is filled with events that shape not only the people and […]